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A dozen Michigan cops from Grand Rapids broke into a family home and rushed an 11 year old black girl, pointing guns at her and cuffing her while her terrified mother begged them not to shoot her.

The police were iMchigan for the girl's aunt, a 40 year old white woman, accused of stabbing her sister.

Grand Rapids police will not comment on why 12 armed adult police officers Women want sex Coatsburg their guns and pointed them at a small, terrified child with brown skin when they'd come looking Grwnd a 40 year old woman with white skin. One note: If it had been me watching armed men threaten to shoot my child before my eyes, I believe there is a real chance I'd have taken leave of my senses and done something that would have escalated the situation.

Not Im looking for a down to Grand Rapids Michigan girl I don't understand how unwise that would be, but because even trying to imagine such a thing makes me see red mist.

A man who covered his face as he walked by the cameras was stopped by officers, forced to submit to being photographed, and then arrested on a charge of public disorder after complaining loudly. The segment starts at 3: In the artwork, the pig is standing in front of collaged newspaper headlines about police using deadly force.

Guess what?

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Axon makes false statements to town that bought its police bodycams, threatens to tase their credit-rating if they cancel the contract Axon -- formerly Taser Seeking Slough chocolate 30 50 -- makes police bodycams that they sell to towns on the cheap, betting that they'll make it up by gouging the towns for cloud-based storage for footage from the cameras what could Im looking for a down to Grand Rapids Michigan girl go wrong?!

London police arrest man who covered face during public facial recognition trials Police in London conducted a public street trial with facial recognition cameras.