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By the early 20s, the world almost ended up in fighting for gender inequality.

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woemn Women had a legal right to work, to vote and to make abortion, but at the same time, they lost their face. Coco Chanel somen this point and successfully Black lover 4 Westminster or women to combine incredible details in her models with revolutionary innovations and defiant femininity. This decisive step brought the year designer worldwide fame and made her finding a symbol of elegance, luxury, and good taste.

The first models of the dresses were made of forgotten fluid crepe marocain, knee-length, straight cut with narrow sleeves to the wrists.

An incredibly accurate, adjusted Black lover 4 Westminster or women revolutionary cutting length of skirts distinguished them from other ones.

By the way, Coco Chanel believed that the bottom of the dress had not to be lifted above the knee because not all women could boast flawless beauty Black lover 4 Westminster or women this part of the body. Cocktail dresses that were more expensive had V-shaped notches and evening dresses had Wesfminster profound neckline at the back.

It was supposed to wear long strings of pearls or colored jewelry, boas, little jackets and tiny hats with such types of dresses. The little black dress quickly became a cult clothing and acquired a status symbol.

It had been often copied, redesigned and retailored. A set of companies and fashion Westmunster still produce this dress around the world. The popularity of this dress is incredible. New interpretations of this dress appear until nowadays so that we can confidently say that this dress will never go out of style.

The idea to mix crystals and natural stones in a single product came not only to her. However, she was the first who gave life to this idea. Coco actively communicated with the world of Parisian bohemia. She visited ballet performances, met with the artist Pablo Picasso, the famous ballet impresario Sergei Diaghilev, the composer Igor Stravinsky, the poet Pierre Reverdy and the playwright Jean Cocteau.

Many famous people sought to communicate with the well-known Westminstsr designer just out of curiosity and were surprised to find Coco intelligent, witty and original thinking woman.

Once Picasso called her the most sensible woman in the world. Coco was irresistibly flirty, extremely sharp, straightforward and even cynical. She looked Birmingham MI sexy women, Black lover 4 Westminster or women, contented and successful woman. Their love affair had lasted for 14 years. This unusually long love affair led Coco into a different environment — the world of British aristocracy.

Westmihster tothe Duke of Westminster was her Black lover 4 Westminster or women welcomed guest. She believed all along that their love would be crowned with marriage. Coco saw the long-awaited final refuge in each of the houses where the Duke took her.

They often left England and traveled on his yachts. Usually, Hugh Grosvenor invited about sixty guests on weekends in his estate.

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Among them, there were Winston Churchill, his wife and close friends of the Duke. They had dinners with live musical accompaniment and sometimes he even invited a theater from London. The well-known politician and statesman, Black lover 4 Westminster or women in vain called attention to these personality traits of Coco Chanel such as determination, willpower, and desire for independence: If she had given birth to the heir of the Duke, she would have become his wife.

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Prior towhile the passion was strong in him, he was willing to marry her too. The Duke of Westminster, suffered no less than his beloved woman but was forced to marry another one. The success accompanied her in all endeavors.

She was in the zenith of her fame, and despite her age, she was already over 50men found her very attractive. Indespite the enormous success of her fashion clothing, Coco was forced to close all her shops and the House of Fashion due to the World War II.

Many designers left the country, but Coco left in Paris. A few hours after her detention, she was released. Shortly after that, Coco Chanel moved to Switzerland, where she has lived for almost ten years. After the war, Christian Dior dressed up women like flowers. He dressed them in crinoline, tightened their waist and filled numerous folds on the thighs.

She rented a small two-room apartment at her favorite hotel Ritz in Paris. Coco got involved in the fashion industry again. When Marlene Dietrich asked Coco Chanel, why she needed it, she explained it her that she was dying of boredom. The first reaction of experts and press to a new collection of Coco Chanel was shock and Married housewives looking casual sex Salem — she could not offer anything new!

Alas, the critics failed to understand that this was precisely the secret of her: Coco took revenge for a year. The collection that failed miserably in Paris was slightly revised and shown overseas.

Americans gave her an ovation. There was a triumph of the little black dress in the United States. It was an honor to a new generation of Black lover 4 Westminster or women women to wear Chanel clothes and Coco herself turned into a tycoon, managing the Black lover 4 Westminster or women fashion house in the world fashion industry.

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During these years, she created the Pink Chanel suit. Kennedy was assassinated his wife wore a double-breasted, strawberry pink and navy trim Black lover 4 Westminster or women Chanel wool suit. Many times the suit has been shamelessly kover to the last braid, to the last golden button and stitching. Nevertheless, the name of Coco Chanel is more than a suit.

Coco Chanel stands in her Hotel Ritz Paris apartment. The world has recognized her as the only trendsetter of the most refined elegance.

Black lover 4 Westminster or women

If a Chanel suit has buttons, they certainly should be buttoned. A Chanel suit is usually worn with low-heeled toe cross strap shoes.

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Chanel designed skirt below the knee with pockets where a businesswoman could put a cigarette case. By the way, the idea of wearing a bag over shoulder also belongs to Mademoiselle Coco. Coco Chanel could not die during a working time.

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She could not let this happen. On January 10,she died quietly in the hotel room of Ritz with a window view of the luxuriously decorated The House of Chanel. We hope you have enjoyed exploring a complete biography of Coco Chanel — lovr Woman, who changed the world of fashion.

Biographies Interviews. Coco Chanel Biography: Coco Chanel. Coco Chanel and Boy Capel, The Little Black Dress by Chanel.

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